Boob Tube Reviews Continued:

The Last O.G. (as of Season 2)

So yeah if you liked Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock, you’ll probably like this too. Here’s the thing–the goofy character he’s been portraying for all I’ve ever personally known of his career plays on how insulated ghetto life can be, and what a world of difference that is from the average white viewer. He’s elusively perceptive of that dissonance in his humor.

But here the writers start with Morgan’s usual antics, then throw a curveball with some truly moving sentiment about reuniting with family, taking responsibility seriously after many years of being lost in the system; how race relations have changed–in some real ways, as well as some superficial cutesy ways–while systemic racism keeps digging its claws in for another go-around; you’ll start to even think a heartbreaking momma was a crackho story is going too far for comedy and then you’ll get the gutblow punchline about the size of Morgan’s penis, just as you’re trying to act like you’ve had a big yawn.

Yeah that’s why you were rubbing your knuckles into your eye-sockets; it was on account of all the yawning.


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