To Jonathan Turley, on Jazz

He’s very well-spoken for a white guy trying to cite African American music; but by spewing that old cliche, “Close enough for jazz,” and then going on to say “This [impeachment process] isn’t improvisational jazz,” he has painted himself into a corner as a racist cunt from which he will never find his way out in my eyes. He’s slamming a musical tradition as being inaccurate, shabby, rather than multi-faceted, with what many students find a daunting number of options at any “improvisational” turn.

And here’s the thing–I’m not pulling any race card out, just calling it like I see it. The phrase he chose, “Close enough…” comes from ignorant dismissal in the first place; his mention of the music in full suit is dripping with assumed privilege; so yeah, racist cunt.

Have you ever been on a bandstand, Mr. Turley, of any kind? Have you ever seen the movie Whiplash?

The reason I haven’t seen that film is because I don’t need to. “Improvisational jazz” (oh and another way to put that might be just, you know, jazz) calls for such a vast understanding of music, such a sensitive ear to what’s happening in a given moment that we would be so very lucky, I’d say, to see anything near as competent or sensitive as a professional jazz player working for us in government.

You might be right–these ambitious and desperate cronies we call the DNC may have pulled an early boner by starting this whole shit-show before our fearless leader spilled his own rotten ambitions out into a finally and legally undeniable argument against his wretched stay as prez. But you sir pulled an unforgivable boner all by yourself with this statement and I’ll be looking for you on the tweetie-feed or anywhere I can to tell you that jazz is not at your disposal in any way.

If you don’t like it, don’t like it–you’re in good company politically speaking: Nixon, Khrushchev–but keep your mouth shut about that which you don’t understand; that which means a lot to some of us.

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