Have I got an I’m not on Facebook anymore post for you

It’s a cliche. You see a message about someone taking a break, that it’s the last post for a while or maybe he’ll only be doing certain things like I don’t know, messages and dick tip contact or what’s that called, “poking” and soon enough you’ve got more activity from the same guy than ever. Maybe he’s opening a new coffee shop and it was unavoidable that he remain active because how can you open a coffee shop without a picture of it? Or maybe he was breaking up with someone and doing the right thing by dating on farmers only where it wouldn’t further hurt her feelings but then they got back together and he made a great big grand gesture with a giff of the two of them sucking face in high school or I don’t know, I guess I’m not really paying all that close attention to other people’s shit.

Though apparently something gets to me; something on that site really makes my rectum ache because I haven’t, it turns out, used my password in a little over a week or something and I feel great. I mean, I really am enjoying this.

You know that thing that ruins Raiders of the Lost Arc for great big fans of the movie? That thing people say about Harrison Ford’s role, can’t even remember the name–wow I really can’t remember that character’s name. I liked it as a kid, but does it really matter whether or not he had any impact on the plot of the movie? It was an experience. He went through some shit and came out the other side; he rendered a swordsman’s display of dominance pointless by casually shooting him and making everyone laugh. He learned something I’m sure, maybe he softened up a little to the love interest though I don’t think she turns up again later in the series; but who cares if he was ineffectual?

Anyway, unrelated though it may be, I’ll bring it back somehow because I have this theory that I wasn’t impacting anything on Facebook. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s this hint of an itch in my groin saying, “You were not making a difference despite your efforts in the manner of considering your answer to a comment for over fifteen minutes in at least one case, and that argument disappeared.”

So do I go back in another week? Do I trust the box office numbers of that first movie and take another chance? If neither one is a statement–abstaining, resuming–where is this realization headed? There’s a band page, an author page, but I could just post right from WordPress, couldn’t I?

Anyway, such thinking leads to this other theory as of about three days into my abstinence that it’s not really there. Is it? Is it there? Go check for me and leave a comment, but here, you know because folks I have an announcement to make:

It’s nothing against anyone in particular etc, I just really need to concentrate on my blank or whatever and it is a kind of illness to watch over that stuff carefully, as I’ll admit I did for a while.

What was his name? Is there a long “e” sound at the end of it?

Indie. Indiana Jones. I got there; we got there, readers; and you saw it happen and it didn’t make a shit of difference.

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